Postnatal care and nursing with heart

by Nina

Paradise lies under the feet of Mothers

– Pr.Mohammed s.w.s

wochenbettbetreung nina, Postnatal care Winterthur
Outpatient postnatal care at home and advice on breastfeeding, baby care and child development
wochenbett nina winterthur
Regulatory disorders in early childhood, sleep advice, advice on development, nutrition, care and upbringing of toddlers up to the age of 5.
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I take on or instruct various care tasks, conduct counseling interviews and support you in finding the right relief services such as domestic help and childcare.
Nina Gresser
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About me

I am a qualified nurse specializing in the field of children, women, and family and also work as a vocational trainer for aspiring nurses at the Winterthur Cantonal Hospital.

In addition to my professional activity, I am the mother of four children (twin girls 2010, boy 2015, girl 2021), who have given me a lot of life experience and knowledge as a mother, but also as a professional.

Advising, accompanying and supporting mothers with their children is a great passion of mine and has always been one of my main occupations. Accompanying women and families in different challenging, drastic but also joyful events and situations is a core competence of mine and gives me great satisfaction.

I would be very happy to get to know you and your family and to accompany and support you according to your needs.

I am happy to advise you over the phone about the care offer and your wishes.

Continuing education / schools :

Ausbildung zur Dipl. Pflegefachfrau Kinderspital St.Gallen

Weiterbildung SVEB Modul 1 Zertifikat Winterthur

Weiterbildung „Klinisches Assessment und körperlicher 

Untersuch“ ZHAW Winterthur

Schlafberatung 1001 Kindernacht

Fernstudium in Hamburg zu „Literarisches Schreiben für Kinder und Jugendliche

Berufsbegleitende gewerbliche Berufsmatura St.Gallen

Professional Activities

Advanced training

Wochenbett Winterthur Nina
Photo courtesy Fatma Lorenzini,

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